Late-nights are a time to get high and listen to music (if you manage to be awake around that time) and “slushwavepretty” is an album that aims to resurrect those early times when late-night tunes were the most interesting thing since sliced bread.

A lot of the album is what you’d expect it to be; slowed down R&B jams with reverb so evident that you might as well be swimming in it. The only difference is that there’s more to the painting than meets the eye, there’s more than just one element here as many samples with different effects are utilized to get that slushy feeling that only late-night tunes can provide. Your first impression may either be confusing or a declaration that it’s unoriginal but upon multiple relistens, you’ll find that there is some worthiness to this album.

The album is never one thing as it manages to use a lot of tricks ranging from chopping tracks to placing random vocal samples in the middle or end of a track. This does help to make this late-night album stand out from the pack despite the limitations of the late-night genre; it helps to know that the artist does know what he’s doing with what will ultimately be a first impression in the genre called vaporwave, he knows how to create a specific style, how to incorporate specific elements and ultimately, how to make a consistent product.

a / / w a y s has a bright future ahead of him as a vaporwave artist and if this album is any indication; we can only hope to see more improvements and more growth from this small artist who could be a big deal one day.


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