“New Generation Of Businessmen” is a mallsoft album that is based around old school lounge music from the 50s to the 70s. It’s not like traditional mallsoft albums which sample 80s music; this is slowed down, reverberated, distant lounge music that you as a kid probably listened to but probably underappreciated.

Zadig the Jasp is at a similar level with 猫 シ Corp in terms of making the music and while this may be common mallsoft, the musical choices he takes are both risque and edgy. Nothing screams “peak of consumerism” than the eras I specified above and nothing screams “shopping” than lounge music. This collection of lounge music will both put you in the mood and make you wonder about the perils and eventual downfall of consumerism and it does so better than most mallsoft albums out there.

The distance and emptiness is presented in a well mannered fashion. Mallsoft has always been about vacant, abandoned malls so to see the artist pull it off so well is amazing. If the feeling of an abandoned mall wasn’t there then well, it wouldn’t be an attack on consumerism, just another collection of slowed down hits with reverbnation.

For fans of mallsoft, this will be an unexpected surprise but do not go into this expecting more if you’re a regular listener. If you can manage to get the concept of consumerism inside your head before listening to this than you’ll find this an interesting listen. Overall, it’s a good mallsoft album.


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