UPDATE 01/16/2018: Tetra Systems has canceled the release of the vinyl version of LSD: Pacificaの夢, while Kai has not responded to us directly, Tetra Systems’ Twitter account posted the following statements, picture courtesy of “The Vapourrealm”.

Tetra Statement 01/16/2018

The text of the tweets do suggest misconduct from Tetra Systems over “LSD: Pacificaの夢” as well as being a bit personal. It does not address the shipping delays that Tetra Systems customers have faced. We’re hoping Tetra Systems has a good statement to make up for all this and restore relationships within the vaporwave community.

VapoUrban is still waiting for a response from Kai on the whole ordeal.

Vaporwave artist khoven has revealed that the owner of the label TETRA Systems, Kai; has not paid khoven money for the sales of LSD: Pacificaの夢 and has refused to respond to any of khoven’s correspondence. Specific details are unknown as we have only heard khoven’s side of the story.

Khoven than broke a copy of kai’s CD which she posted in “The Vapourealm”. Bit by bit she tore it apart while giving small details as to what lead to the strained relationship. Here are some pictures we managed to save…

It all ended when khoven went into kai’s discord and showed off the broken CD biting it with her teeth. Here is a screenshot from “The Vapourealm”.

Whether or not it’s the start of something bigger is unknown but it does show a darker side of vaporwave, one where the a-holes reign supreme and profit for themselves.

VapoUrban will update this article once we get comment from Kai himself.



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Cardian Matsu

As someone who has purchased from Tetra and has collected various news, I can concur that Tetra Systems is a scummy label. After purchasing my copy of Pacifica, I received no contact from Kai for three weeks and had to hunt him down.

He sent me a fake shipping label and only sent a real one when I caught him in the act and attempted to refund my order. Please do not purchase items from Tetra Systems.


This is untrue.

Cardian Matsu

I’d probably agree with you if I didn’t sit through an entire month of getting a single CD.


You wouldn’t agree with me at all, because you’re making this up. Khoven’s discord tantrum, this article, and your comment are nothing but amateurish smear jobs.


Khoven is a horrible person who constantly makes things up for attention. Why would you participate in this nonsense?


The text of the tweets do not suggest misconduct on the part of Tetra in any way. This is dishonest and irresponsible reporting.