New Coke II has a lot of great stuff going for it. The second 2018 release for the label Seikomart didn’t disappoint. Everything from the sound and production to the album art is amazing on this album. It really makes for a great traditional Vaporwave release that I haven’t seen in awhile. With the clever name of “New Coke II” (“Coke II” was the alternate name for the infamous soda “New Coke”), the album really shines through as one of the best releases so far this year.

Album Art

The album cover gives a lot of description to the album. It was made specifically for the album by artist Sugoya. I applaud New Coke for not going the normal route of taking something vaguely aesthetic and putting it on the cover on Bandcamp. The album art really makes it stand out from other releases recently. The modern anime style with a cyberpunk/vaporwave aesthetic really makes this album stand out on the virtual shelves of Bandcamp.


This album is a accumulation of a lot of different Vaporwave aesthetics and it does it in very awesome ways. At the beginning, it has a very pop feeling to it. It is almost synthwave in some parts of its first song “新コークス Only My Choice“. The album then ventures into some sounds that really remind me of  猫 シ Corp’s News at 11 for a little bit, but then uses those samples and goes into full Saint Pepsi style Future Funk. The album then starts to change its style near the end, where it fades in and out of future funk and corporate music like in the song “SUNSETCorp™ Office Suite“. The constantly changing style throughout the album stops you from getting bored too easily.

Though, I did get a little bored during a couple of songs, “スカイモール” was one of them that was somewhat repetitive and lost my interest, but the songs that I got bored during were short and part of being bored might be due to my own personal attention span.


I really love this album. I hope that it gets a physical release, I’d buy it. It feels nostalgic for Vaporwave albums of days past, but brings something new to the table. It’s very good production and mixing adds to the depth of this album quite a bit. It feels genuine. It’s not a joke, it isn’t too serious (I wouldn’t call something that uses a Max Headroom sample “serious”). It’s Vaporwave in the best sense. Something we don’t see a lot of now of these days and I hope this trend of creative Vaporwave continues into 2018.


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