For the past couple of years, the Vaporwave section of the popular content aggregation site known as Reddit was lauded with its diverse group of listeners devoted to the craft of vapor. However, over past years, public opinion on the subreddit degraded due to several factors, including odd rules, an aggressive community, and ‘that weird 12 year old kid who just uploads the same formula of slowing down some song a bit’ (The post referenced in question was the latest album by hit artist waterfront dining).

In response to these community outbursts, the moderators of /r/vaporwave, led by a user under the name of “/u/NUVPR”, removed all rules from the subreddit, which was described by NUVPR himself as ‘a great act of leadership on my part’ as he was met by no backlash whatsoever from the community, save a couple hundred comments critiquing his strategic decision.

“I definitely think what NUVPR did was completely justified.” Said prominent vaporwave artist 3D Blast when we reached him for comment, “What else could he do, you know? The community’s never right, they’re just your entire userbase.” Later that day, 3D Blast issued a similar response to other vaporwave press organizations in accordance to his latest post being removed for breaking all 0 of the subreddit’s current rules.

However, the moderation team of /r/vaporwave are expertly crafting new rules for February to reinstate order into their subreddit. Among the previously revealed rules such as “No More Hardvapour” and “Power Lunch May No Longer Post Content” is the most intriguing of them, quoted as such: “All of Your Garbage Soundclouds Are Banned As Of This Rule’s Instatement”.

/r/vaporwave has had trouble in the past with its community of SoundCloud artists. Notorious for low effort hip hop art in the past itself, SoundCloud has recently attracted the attention of vaporwave artists, posting highly received works such as “Macintosh Plus Sped Up” and “Untitled Song”. In order to combat this influx of SoundCloud users, the /r/vaporwave moderation team carefully crafted this previously mentioned rule as to remove this content that they deem unfit from their site.

When reached for comment, a letter was drafted from the moderation team including the following:

“In accordance to your questions regarding our newest announced rule, we are indeed preparing ourself to ban every last SoundCloud link from the subreddit. With each addition to the Floral Shoppe series that accumulates onto the feed, the community surrounding us somehow gets even worse than it already is.

Effective immediately on February 1’st, all links to SoundCloud will be terminated, and all accounts that have posted their SoundCloud will be banned permanently from the subreddit itself. So pack your bags and never come back.”

This new rule could possibly mark a new segment of the /r/vaporwave community, and could mark a migration from low-effort posters to seek shelter in the comments sections of approved content.

Update: As of 1:00:00 PM CST, the SoundCloud account responsible for works such as “Floral Shoppe 6.5” and “Chuck Person’s Eccomemes Volume 2” was whitelisted from this rule. The moderation team could not be contacted for a full comment about this update and simply responded that they were busy ‘listening to these straight up bangers’

Cardian Matsu


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