In 2016. I stumbled upon Zadig through Bandcamp’s “vaporwave” tag. He was one of the few to be making classic-style/mallsoft vaporwave and was initially unknown when I found him; since then he has become famous within vaporwave for his collaborations and label work, even earning a coveted mention from Sunbleach itself.

The work that he puts out may not be notable like 2814 or crazy like many of the recent vaporwave contemporaries out there but he serves a purpose, one which satisfies fans of classic-style vaporwave, a genre that is constantly fighting for attention with various genres that have all soaked up the vaporwave spotlight. Through hard work and perseverance, Zadig took a genre that many people had moved on from and made it his calling card bringing new attention to the classic-style genre.

I admit, I was a bit hard on him initially but he has proven me and every doubter wrong. And now here he is… Paris’ very own Zadig the Jasp.

VapoUrban: Thank you for doing this interview.

Zadig the Jasp: the pleasure is for me buddy

VU: Now I admit, I might of disliked your early work but in the span of one year you’ve managed to become one of vaporwave’s elite. How did you manage to do that?

Zadig: In my opion That’s seriously a good thing that you do not like randomly every vaporwave stuff , every community need constructive criticism, of course ! Ha ha ha it makes me laugh and a bit nostalgic to see that you used the word “vaporwave’s elite” for describing me. You know, im not especially egocentric but when i remember my own “musical history” i feel amaze by how everything change in the space of one year !

I remember the beggining in may 2016 when i was listening to macintosh plus floral shoppe plus and the luxury elite part in the incredible “Late Night Delight EP” during my school trip in barcelona, i remember my really first time feeling deep down in my soul the mallsoft for real while listening to “モール (マトリックス)” by Nenelope Nettles in the splendid maremagnum mall in barcelona !

My story is the story of a random french boy just fascinated by the music who had the dream to create something qualifacating as “art” , i allways listened to music and be interested by art or painting since im a kid, I do not want to describe myself as what peoples like to call “gifted child” but i always had this desire to create, to make “art”. When i was really young, my mom had an ipod, the first generation ipod who was just a square with button to chose wich music to play, there was on this ipod an album called “nova tune” ( i don’t know if it exist in USA or UK but for the one who don’t know its like a playlist album with a mix between old jazz from the sixteen , seventeen and loungue house, a notable memory i have of this album is the song “deep burnt” by PepeBradock , this is from where come my “musical culture” : jazz and house music.

When I was younger i always tried to make music but i had any knowledge of the music world and his softwares, i remember playin music in 2011 with that old dj app on club penguin ah ah 😂 ! Until that one day , this day when i listened for the first time of my life this album that were going to change me ! F L O R A L S H O P P E ! I was at this moment a lot on youtube and thanks to a french YTP from “enflurederenard” ( lmfao ) i discovered the synthwave song “demo 1” by Syn who is another pseudo of the artist Com Truise. At this moment I had no idea of what was synthwave or more , vaporwave ! I was just discovering a new genre of music and everyday listening to new song, one day “Karova”, the other “Everyday”.

I remember that i was surfing between musics via the “reccomendation” outfit, and as you now ; com truise = synthwave = whatyouguess , so just appeared in front of me for the first the beautifull pink cover of floral shoppe ! Something funny about my first time impression of the album is that I guess I wasn’t really attracted by this album ! Until that I listened to the track 3 : “花の専門店”(still my favorite track of the entire album). I was discovering the vaporwave.

Since my beggining I never tried to be something influent, my music is still made with my love and my musical culture. Like I said, im coming from nowhere, im just this young boy now called as a “vaporwave artist” playin music in is bedroom with his cheap Asus computer, im just this young boy, lover of the music, that always made what he loves. Im just this boy that became what he is thanks and only thanks to the chance, how could i imagine that peoples were going to use my music for youtube videos ? how could i imagine that nightwave were going to play my songs 10 times per day on what is it one of the bigest vaporwave radio of the internet with between 90 and more of 200 listeners connected every minutes !?

I will never forget me when i started , listening to waterfront dining, catsystemcorp, t e l e p a t h , it’s umbelievable to imagine that peoples are actually comparing my work to the one of artist that are in my eyes “the legends of vaporwave”, i sometimes fell like if i was nothing in front of them, i have got so much respect for What they do, some of them begun vaporwave 3 or 5 years before me , that’s weird ! Im coming from nothing but today, for somes “zadig the jasp” is what macintosh plus was for me at my beggining

VU: I mean it, everywhere I go I see your name whether it’s on Sunbleach or on a record label that you co-founded. I’m guessing you must be surprised by this…

Zadig: In my opinion that’s more a succesion of things, like i said my objective is absolutely not to make a strategy in order to be famous x) ! No im not really surprised cause since january 2016 im working with labels cause it’s more “”””””””professionnal”””””””” , I think that i just make vaporwqve everytime and every months im uploading on album, but for the one that knowne me at the beggining, they know that I was uploading 1 or 2 albums per weeks, so yeah , my rythm changed a lot and i guess that one day it will be 1 album per year … but it will be in 2022 !

VU: So if I were new to Zadig the Jasp, what album would I listen to? Since you managed to amass quite the catalogue over the year.

Zadig: My discography is a bit special , i make a lot of things, vaporwave, mallsoft, lofi house, lofi hip hop, experimental and vaportrap so … i do not what are my best album cause i made every one with pleasure and love , that is difficult. I had the chance to know the opinion of some of my listeners or via the media like discogs ore , so I guess the ones that peoples loved the most are “From Nowhere” , “♱慈悲深い♱” and “1988 エスケープ・モール” ,I do not like to autopromo myself and i prefer to let peoples discover my discography from themselves cause i feel like everyone of my album have his own history and that’s what i like, but if i had to recommend one of them it could be ₯₥ of course

VU: People (including myself) have said that FLORAL SHOPPE like vaporwave is a sterile genre that has reached it’s peak. Do you feel like it has or is there still room for that type of music in vaporwave?

Zadig: Vaporwave will not die , she will just change ! That’s true that when you look on lucide archive you see that they are less important album every year , but its easy to explain, a lot of “””””old””””” vaporwave artist just stopped to make vaporwave because they probably do no have got the time , or why not , i guess , their work , studies, take their free time , and one day, me too, will not had the time to make music hehe ! A lot of artist just decided to do something else , like catsystemcorp that started to make lofi !

We need by the way to understand that vaporwave has been created in 2010 and that 8 years for a genre that’s pretty much !!! In 8 years a lot of artist appeard and dissappeard ; Internet club , macintosh plus , luxury elite , infinty frequencies, Chuck person , Cvltvre … In a way , vaporwaves icones are dead , Im pretty sure that peoples will keep make vaporwave until 2025 haha ! In my opinion something will change , I don’t know if it will only be an “evolution” of genre or if it will create a new genre but in every case I guess that the “inspiration” of vaporwave will changed

VU: Do you have an opinion on the vaporwave subgenres (and its community) as a whole?

Zadig: It’s hard to give an opinion on the integrality of an entire genre ! The only thing I can say is that i really appreciate the whole vaporwave community, i met a lot of very nice, comprehensive and passionated peoples on twitter or youtube with who I worked for albums ( Sound Market, ÆSTHETIC g r o u p ,NewEraDreaming ) or for biggest project like an entire label with my bro NewEraDreaming that became influent too this year ahah x) ! The vaporwave community is very nice and cool community, composed of peoples and a lot of artist that will prefer to work with you instead of seeing you as a concurent, but I do not say that the integrality of the peoples of this community are like that lmfao

VU: What do you define vaporwave as?

Zadig: They are so many vision of Vaporwave , as all my twitter subscribers nows , im a big communist ( for real ) and I always seen vaporwave as a denunciation of the capitalism by the re utilisation of the codes of the 80s and the omnipresence of the advertissement in the lifes of citizens , like a synthezis about what is to be “free” for real ? Is it to have minus right but being sur to live and be helped by a state or be absolutely free of rights in a country but killed everyday by an inequal system ? This is the question

VU: What could be done in terms of getting people aware of it?

Zadig: The best way is to let them feeling it like they want , in my opinion

VU: Have you managed to be an influence to anybody in vaporwave?

Zadig: Like i said at the beggining of this enterview , i never tried or just wanted it , i always made what i loved with pleasure and determination , nothing else , I always seen 猫シ Corp. , Macintosh Plus , Luxury Elite , Death Dynamic Shroud , Cvltvre , infinity frequencies and the unfamous “Sound Market” as my models but I never tried to be like them :/

VU: Where do you think vaporwave will end up in the future?

Zadig: always. And they are already changing ! I felt that 2017 was like a “year of evolution” , i seen a lot of peoples using audio and video samples not from the 80s but from the 90s ! Vision of the genre will change ! Im pretty sure of it ! It said that every lifestyle genre became famous 20 or 30 years after ! A lot of artist out of the vaporwave are already using those aesthetics , theres for exemple this new generation of blues artist : banes world , clairo, vacation or boy pablo , there ere also the dj palmbomen that made videoclips ( one inspired me the song “Forbidden Sensations” ) based on the 90s aesthetics

VU: Thank you so much for doing this interview.

Zadig: That’s me who thank you , merci beaucoup et merci pour tout 😉

You can find Zadig the Jasp on YouTube and Twitter. Listen to Zadig’s music on his bandcamp.


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