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日没 Incorporated’s debut release Your Local Broadcast on Night Light Tapes is pure morning music. 11 hazy, reverb-drenched slabs of classic style vaporwave that ooze the somnambulant optimism of waking up slowly from a beautiful dream into a perfect sunny morning. These feel-good tracks combine easy listening and weather channel music with weather report samples, emphasising the atmospheric textures of classic synthersizer sounds and the uptopian funk of that archetypal 80s saxophone.

One notable aspect of the album is the use of radio static and tape noise to interrupt the flow between tracks which creates a sense of narrative. Using this, 日没 Incorporated simulates the feeling of someone moving through their morning routine in a media saturated environment with a stereo or television in every room. Switching between devices, the listener move from room to room, playing a track from their favourite tape here, or scanning the radio dial for the next song there. These surprising transitions stitch together the soundtrack of getting ready to begin another perfect day in the retro-utopian fantasy that is Your Local Broadcast. All of which is executed with the top end of the mix dialled way down to give that flattened out nostalgic feel of am radio.

The emphasis here is on the groove and日没 Incorporated does an excellent job of curating samples to highlight the hidden soul of the era. On the whole, the joyful bouncing rhythm of these tracks conveys the infectious optimism that characterises Your Local Broadcast making it a highly enjoyable listening experience. The treatment of samples demonstrates a deep appreciation for the source material, utilising very subtle edits to bring tracks together without destroying the feel of the original material through excessive glitching or dissonance. Whilst this release may not appeal to someone looking for new or experimental developments in the vaporwave sound it makes a perfect soundtrack to a good day.

Rated 3.5/5


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