“Biospheres 1” is an interesting take on weatherwave in that it incorporates vaportrap elements into it’s sounds. That, and the fact that it sounds oh so luscious and sexy.

The samples and sounds seem to take on a life of their own as they play through a semi-tribute to the greatness of the weather channel. It provides an atmospheric feeling, one which makes you feel like you’re in a titular Biosphere just playing around, having fun. The usage of ambient samples seems to enhance the feeling by relying on the density and space of the sounds as well as the feeling leaving you with something that’s substantial.

There isn’t a sore spot that feels out of place; everything just seems to flow naturally, which helps in projecting the mood of the album to its potential listeners. The mixing of the album helps everything stay even which is a nice touch considering the mix of vaportrap elements in there and overall, it sounds good.

The only mark on it is that it sounds a bit too familiar. It’s clear that the artist has immense talent but at the end of the day, it’s still a weatherwave album ebiet with vaportrap elements tacked onto it. It does manage to be distinctive in a way with it’s smooth flow and it’s creative usage of samples but it doesn’t manage to be a break out album. Whatever the case, the album deserves success.

This thing is an interesting mix of weatherwave and vaportrap that should not be discarded. Very few people have the audacity to do that and this artist is one of them. Congrats.


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