“Impulse reaction” is an interesting album so to speak. It combines the best of vaportrap and classic-style vaporwave and mixes them together with some incredible plunderphonics work. It also has a story, progression and some evolution in there to spice things up.

The initial tracks are ones that leave impressions which compel you to listen further. It may not seem like much but the talent shown in these tracks are impressive, he really knows how to take a sample and make it into something. The chopping shown here is melodic and intenseful while the choice of samples are interesting for the way they’re used but common for their usage in vaporwave.

When the album progresses however, the heat gets turned up and it’s vaportrap side begins to show. This is pretty competently made vaportrap with the same amount of chopping seen before on the album, the artist definitely has a natural skill when it comes to vaporwave and these songs are enjoyable as well as palatable; the sonic landscapes the artists creates are epic and grand, some leaning towards overbearing but for the artist, that’s just the artist.

Every track is mixed and mastered in the appropriate way, some sounding muddy and distorted with others sounding clear and crisp. It helps to know that this is an album evolving itself as it goes on which is clever considering that not many vaporwave albums dare do an evolution theme. Nothing sounds amateurish, everything has a professional feel that is appreciated in this world of music and best of all, it’s progression doesn’t feel off or odd.

This is one of the most unexpected albums of 2018 for it’s risk. It’s not the best album per say but it’s an unexpected surprise nonetheless. The artist has a talent for making albums with stories and progression and if he can work on refining it into something better than maybe, he might have a classic on his hands. It is very worthy of a listen though.


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