“Meet Me Here” is your traditional vaporwave record that does nothing extraordinary but manages to provide you with some decent eccojams.

The artist has put in some work managing to make it sound above average. Few of the songs go above and beyond providing a listening experience that will shock and wow you, “Cyber Realm” in particular has that sound that manages to be completely different from the rest of the album; mainly because it takes risk and does something that would or would not work in the genre of vaporwave.

The rest of the album however consists of the same old, same old. Many of the samples are known, meaning you can find them easily on YouTube and maybe even identify them upon first listen. Since the artist does not have the artistry of Zadig the Jasp, many of the tracks feel sterile and derivative. There is no real theme to the album nor is there any real cohesiveness… It feels like a bunch of tracks put together in an attempt to make some form of album.

Mixing and mastering is okay for what it is. Not much effects work is used here meaning a lot of the songs are played as intended, a certain drum pattern is repeated throughout the album and there are pitched down vocals as well… It’s not really substantial but it works for what it is.

At the end of the day, this is just an average vaporwave release. You’ll find some eccojams to enjoy on here but for the most part, this is factory produced vaporwave.


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