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“Midnight Ads” is somewhat of a weird take on something that 3D BLAST and Pop Up! would do. Incorporating prominent japanese and anime themes into its body, the album is one long continuous futurefunk jam session that grooves and bounces with surprising infliction.

The grooves provided here go above and beyond the definition of funky with samples that are guaranteed to make you dance, the way the drums hit and the way the samples move are hypnotic at times and create a sense of melody that can be identified as futurefunk from a mile away yet is still identifiable in its own right. Listening to this album is like living the high-life in Tokyo, exciting, unexpected and thrilling.

The mixing and mastering is what you’d expect from a futurefunk release with pulsating drums and disco like grooves that remind you of Chic. Everything is clear and crisp as it possibly could be and the artist even throws in a few tricks in there like filtering or some slight distortion. Futurefunk relies on the talent of the person behind it so it’s nice to see that the artist in question has the talent possible to pull this off and seeing as how the album in itself is fun to listen to, I say the artist did it well.

Does it stand out from other futurefunk releases though, well despite its bright sound and optimistic viewpoints I would have to say no because it doesn’t feel groundbreaking, it just feels fresh and original. It’s hard to actually make a groundbreaking futurefunk album when Saint Pepsi laid the blueprints with his HIT VIBES album but this does come close to replicating the HIT VIBES feel.

For what it does, it actually works pretty well and gives you a sense of enjoyment; possibly replayability for what you can get out of it. In fact we might even have a new potential big futurefunk artist on our hands. I would actually suggest going and getting it.

Rated 4.6/5


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