“Conad il Barbaro” is an album that I got from the contact form of our site and it is yet another vaporwave album in the line of vaporwave albums. Made by an artist called Tito Machete, the album is supposed lo-fi, reverberated dream goodness all mixed into one package. It promises some amazing sonic pleasure on the levels of FLORAL SHOPPE or a Zadig the Jasp album but ultimately disappoints.

The album itself consists of 90s R&B music and 80s adult contemporary music slowed down in a bad way. It would be good if the fidelity was intentionally bad but nothing about it screams intentional, the artist itself has no idea how to mix/master/enhance/add detail/you name it and because of that, it sounds dull like a knife that’s been used too many times. There are also no deviations nor surprises within the album itself, it’s all the same sound throughout and that can get a bit boring.

I’ll admit, the aesthetic looks good but there’s only so much you can get out of a good aesthetic. Making a product look good does not automatically make the product sound good, there has to be some real work placed into the product to get the desired effect. That’s why it takes hard work to create a masterpiece, because that’s what it requires. Hard work.

If you’re new to vaporwave than you might get mileage out of this. For everybody else, there’s way better albums out there.


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Amazing N8
Amazing N8

I was intrigued by the negative review amid too many positive reviews, and I have to say instead that I found a nice album.
So dreamy, so atmospheric, reminded me of my childhood thanks to the muffled atmosphere.
Maybe nothing innovative, but it sounds better than many new experiments of today

Mademoiselle Lia
Mademoiselle Lia

Man, this is unfair. This album is vhsfunk at his best.