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“S o p h i s t i S u r f” is what happens when you take the sounds inspired from American Graffiti and mix them in with the 80s aesthetic traditionally associated with vaporwave. The result is a  unique album that represents the height of corporatism with the grooviness of just driving down the road in your american hot rod.

Mostly utilizing classic-style vaporwave to get its point across, this album is drenched in low-pitch reverb goodness. Every track is short and features the best part of any particular track being sampled, many of them featuring trademark Korg synthesizers; those synthesizers create the americana/japanese feeling of the album giving every listen a unique “spacey retro” feeling that is silky and smooth.

This is the kind of music that you wish you could of been a part of; the fun, beach music that generated many of the best moments of the 80s. While this may be classic-style vaporwave, there is nothing that can be misconstrued as the same old, same old; in fact, TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL recreates that feeling so well that it’s impossible not to think of the beach. It implants false memories of pristine beaches inside of your mind, taking you to dimensions beyond what you can possibly comprehend. That kind of artistry can only be found in someone true and talented.

If you’re looking for an adult contemporary American Graffiti style ride than this one’s for you. Everything about it is silky, smooth, wavy and most of all, comforting. This album may not be for you if you’re looking for something new but for fans of vaporwave, this’ll do quite nicely.

Rated 4.4/5


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This is my favorite TPM album. For me this album takes me to place I often think about and that place is my childhood. I grew up hearing many of these tunes and continue to listen to them today. Thats usually the case when I listen to a TPM album but this one holds something special personally. That warm comforting feeling of home. Where I belong. Besides that its a great listen for anyone that’s a fan of the genre. Highly recommended.