Well… It’s about that time again. Time to win a tape from VapoUrban! and this time, there is only one!

Who’s the lucky cassette this month? Well it’s Nmesh’s “Pharma“… It’s not the one with the bonus tracks but it’ll suffice.

I don't know whether to give this away next month or the month after that. #cassette #vaporwave #giveaway #nmesh #pharma #flowers

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What do you have to do to win this beauty? Simply comment on our articles/reviews/news and that’s it, you’re in. The better you comment, the better your chances of winning are.

You can leave any sort of comment you want as long as it’s high quality…


  • No duplicate name/email entries, the one chosen must be the one you use.
  • All contest participants must have valid email in order to participate. If your email is found invalid (aka it doesn’t exist) then the person below you will be able to choose and you will lose your option to choose.
  • Do not spam. Performance does not mean spamming the same thing over and over again, you must have original content. Spam will disqualify you and you will be BANNED from commenting/voting/etc.
  • Not a rule but if you win the cassette, please do not try to sell it on discogs; it’s makes this site, the artist who made the album and the label who sold the tape look like a-holes.

Thank you for your interest in VapoUrban.


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Mark Del Guzzo
Mark Del Guzzo

Poem Written while Listening to This. It’s Entitled, “They Tell Me Last” Another great dreamer will fall, for all dreamers do, into an unstoppable silence as all do when all lives and all stories end. He, grand dreamer and storyteller, Will remember every last word, the glittering golden array of loves; there will be flashes of bruised days, dishonorable days and fumbled moments; but days of laughter will have also painted so much as his Poems and unfinished novels will be the only possibly remaining crumbs left. There fate, as all tales left behind, shall become beyond reach as it… Read more »


If only to elseward…if only.

Mister Lonely
Mister Lonely

Oddly enough, one of my favorite tracks from Pharma is “cut scene 5230-4968 albatross 0923-1874.” It’s just a short excerpt of what sounds like some kid struggling to use roller skates. I have no idea what its from, but it sounds so mysterious and it creates such a vivid picture in my head, like some thought that would drift through my dreams.


Dope tape, love the art! New to this site, but will definitely add it to my daily rotation. Keep up the good work y’all!


The j card art is absolutely lovely, and white lodge simulation was a treat to listen to.


I can’t open it