Glitch art is interesting mainly because we see things from the normal perspective; clear, concise and to the point. We understand everything in the world so what happens when a piece of it is corrupt or missing? Well, you get a glitch and in many cases, glitches can be beautiful.

Meet jrdsctt, an artist who has been doing glitch art for as long as a year or two. His works of art often represent contrast and decconance by taking familiar shots and glitching the parts that usually represent water or rock formations. He can even go as far as to shift the entire color of work thus representing that vaporwave aesthetic that so many people love in this genre.

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The skill the artist shows behind these images are impeccable. The way the glitches mesh with the picture are natural and don’t scream forced like many images, he figures out a way to blend the glitches and make them look as natural as possible and then when that is done, the artist figures out how to make the image pop in the eyes of viewers. Nobody has thought to do these images, much less deface a Mona Lisa with glitches so it’s interesting to see how a glitch artist could get inspiration from these images.

The type of surrealism shown by his work is appealing and interesting, as if we’re watching the analog and digital worlds collide with each other. That is what makes his work stand out from the crowd, that sense of familiarity surrounded by that electronic glitchy feeling that makes us uncomfortable. It’s that balance that makes his work what it is… Very few artists manage to capture that balance and well, I don’t know how the artist did it but the artist did it.

Vaporwave artists who push the boundaries are far and inbetween and this guy seems like the artist could really make it with his work. The artist’s got the talent, the drive, the ambition and most of all, the compassion. There’s something that could really drive the artist into the stratosphere with the artists work and someday, the artist will make it. I just know he will.

Check out his instagram for more wonders of work. The artist also has a website of it’s own.

57/365 Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" #Jlitch365 #GlitchArt #Glitch #PixelSorting #Processing #daVinci #MonaLisa

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