Vaporwave is one of those genres that manages to transcend time itself, any timeframe is up for grabs and “Nü Office OS” takes that opportunity to heart, mixing up 70s science aesthetic with 90s tech aesthetic. Very few albums manage to actually tackle on that 70s aesthetic and well… this is one of the few albums to do it.

The vibe here is reminiscent of those early days where the bass used to bounce and the pads used to be smooth and slick, even going as far as capturing that Aperture Science feel that people love. It walks a fine line between old and new, capturing what I feel to be a middle ground between the common vaporwave aesthetic and territory that artists admire but are afraid to touch. That fine line makes the album entrancing and engrossing pulling in even it’s strongest of skeptics; something which even the ballsiest of vaporwave producers should admire.

The clever use of samples makes the vibe work, utilizing the songs with the bassiest of bass lines and the sineist of waves. It gives people a sense of false nostalgia but at the same time teleports people into this world where sonic tradition has no meaning and the only thing that matters is the funky sound. The sequencing is also amazing; by utilizing a consistency that is almost unheard of, the artist manages to tie together the entire package in a way that just marvels when you listen to it. No tracks sound out of place and no samples feel underutilized, everything’s in its place.

The sounds of the album feel grand and extravagant. It may not sound crushed, compressed or even scattered around like your regular vaporwave release but it gives off that feel that you’re listening to something that is supposed to feel big to the point where it spans on for miles at a time. There are some glitches here and there which add some variety to the album, plus the startup sound in the beginning is a nice touch; it just feels like the artist put a lot of soul and hard work into this album.

Frankly I would say that this is an album that you should get. It’s rooted in vaporwave ethos but it’s aesthetic is far out and unique; no artist has dared to touch the aesthetic in ways that the artist has done and this album is all the worthy for it. In fact I might say that it might influence a bit of you out there, go out and get a copy of this now.


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