“NIGHT DEPOSITS” is an album by vaportrap producer Panzer Paradise who’s sound could best be described as atmospheric meets upbeat bubblegum music meets trap music.The entire album is themed around the notion that this is a tape being sold on the black market that causes exhilaration within anybody who listens to it; the sound of the album may not always hold up to the notion but the theme itself is a noble intention.

From the first time you pop the tape into the cassette player, you’ll gain a feeling for the album as the initial atmospheric sounds play out accompanied with what could be described as the most luscious drums in existence. As the album progresses, it goes into more “classic-style” territory as it incorporates bubblegum sounds into what was originally dark atmospheric music. This may turn off some people but for many, it’ll feel like a natural progression mainly because of the variety introduced.

I’m amazed at the balance he managed to achieve. Rarely do you ever seem to see albums with two styles co-existing as one but well… here it is. The classic-style sounds mesh in with the dark tribal atmospheric sounds to give it a unique balance that will pull in fans of vaportrap, fans of classic-style and oddly enough, fans of Blank Banshee. No one audience is served exclusively, everybody is able to get a taste of what exists on the other side whether it’s classic-style or dark atmospheric stuff.

Both sides of the coin are done in a good fashion with the bass causing harm to your speakers (in a good way) and the snares hitting especially hard. The idea to incorporate naturalistic percussion gives it a chamber music type of sound, one which feels tribal but civilized at the same time and weaving in traditional vaporwave music while still holding true to the actual music is an amazing idea with the execution being done pitch perfectly. Collaborations are also done with respect and dignity with PowerPCMe’s collaboration standing out especially clear on this album; it’s as if the artist knew what type of aesthetic he wanted.

This album is a fully realized vaportrap experience that you can’t get anywhere else, it mixes a lot of styles into a pot and the result is a good tasting gumbo. Some parts falter and sound similar to each other but for the most part, this is a pretty innovative vaportrap album.


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