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“VHS TAPE” harkens back to a time when vaporwave was pure and fun. Consisting mainly of samples from the 80s and 90s, this thing takes you on a trip down memory lane with it’s symphonic sounds and interesting variety.

There are songs that feel like it could fit in to 1980s Japan and there are songs that could pass luster in today’s world. There’s never one style, it’s all a multitude of styles from the filtered down crunchy sound to the squeaky clean sound that is rare in vaporwave. What’s even more interesting is the amount of soul samples in the album; it makes it feel nontraditional and expressive. Rarely are soul samples used in vaporwave albums and when they are, they’re usually not mixed in with 80s samples.

The entire album feels sexy and provocative and the vibes here are all chill and romantic with no conflict whatsoever. This really takes you back to good times with it’s nostalgia that’s so good that you’d actually believe you were there. The artist really did a good job in telling the story; it may not have twist and turns like all the other vaporwave albums but that’s not the intent of the story, the intent of the story is to remind you of what it was like to live in the era of love.

Despite the good stuff, there is one misgivings. The album feels a bit too safe as if there aren’t many effects nor risky sample choices taken; I don’t know if it’s by choice or not but I feel a bit disappointed that there was not much more to the album.

Still. If you’re looking for something romantic to put you in the nostalgic mood for an era you never lived through than this might be it. It’s seductive, it’s smooth and most of all, it’s good. I received this album through the contact form so don’t be shy, use it.

Rated 4.1/5


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