Vaporwave could best be described as a “concept genre” where every album has a story or idea behind it and “Late Night Viewing” is one of those albums, an album that according to the description… is a simulation of what happens in a japanese bedroom late at night.

The album is definitely true to its concept with the entire thing structured as described. It shows that the artist has an idea on how to put an album together, how to take a concept and flesh it out so that it means something; that is one of the high marks of the album.

Oddly, the album isn’t musical per say consisting of random thoughts and ideas that don’t pan out to much. Many of the tracks are unmodulated and pitched down with a lot of them feeling disconnected within one another, at one time you get Wu-Tang playing and at another time you get common muzak. I would expect a night into a japanese bedroom to be filled with a false nostalgic feeling.

There isn’t much soul to this album. Many parts throughout the album feel depressing to listen to even though the music is upbeat. The key to making a good vaporwave album is to make it so that the beats have that retro worn-down feeling while still feeling as vibrant and warm as the day when it was released; I would excuse the artist if this were the artist’s first album but he has made in total (counting this one), 3 albums meaning he should already have a grasp on what to do.

In closing, this is a little oddity that is interesting to listen to but doesn’t do much for you musically, which is odd considering vaporwave itself is a musical genre that allows you to do practically almost anything you want. I wish the artist better luck in the future.


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