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There’s a lot of words that describe the term “late-night tunes”. The lo-fi compressed sound of the music, the quality so faded that you can barely tell the details apart from the sound, the melody that you wouldn’t otherwise find in a high-quality recording. Newcomer WSBC Local News is a maker of late-night tunes and his second EP “Now Showing” is something that shows the artists future potential in the genre.

The sounds here are much like you expect from a 猫 シ Corp. release. The artist has an idea on how to implement a sort of false nostalgia on listeners who happen to be listening to that album at the very moment; from the album cover to the sample choice which is as unknown as 猫 シ Corp., he definitely has a grasp on things. The overall concept is nice too. A trip to an 80s movie theater is a theme that very few vaporwave albums would dare to do and yet the artist executes that concept flawlessly.

There’s also an aesthetic here that the artist would be wise to expand on. It may be simplistic but it works plain and simple; it gives the album a feeling of warmth even though the album’s low quality sounds might say otherwise. It could also give future works that wow and pop that’s simply lacking from today’s late-night tunes artists; he’s on the right track with what he’s doing, all he needs to do is expand it.

Only complaint is that the artist plays it a bit safe but I see that there’s a lot of potential in WSBC Local News. Though short, this EP provides you with a bit of entertainment that will brighten your otherwise starry night and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Rated 3.4/5


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