Vaporwave has taken its influences from many things. Japanese aesthetics, retro computing aesthetics and sometimes cyberpunk noir aesthetics. The fact that vaporwave can encompass any aesthetic and the fact that artists are not limited to one aesthetic is liberating to say the least and JustWharton manages to take that freedom and make something unique out of it.

While other art is glitchy or photoshopped, much of his work are illustrations done in the cyberpunk style with a touch of vaporwave influence. In my interpretation, the work takes its influence from asian advertisement posters and government propaganda. It has that naturalistic feel to it but at the same time it has an odd and eerie feeling that defines it, the black bars combined with the city backdrops, minimal distortion and focus on the subjects is one of the things that defines that feel.

[ZERO-7] I was contacted by @mutecitycustoms to produce a sick graphic. If your going to royal flush make sure to pick one up from them! #vaporwave #melee #ssbm #sm4sh #nintendo #art #digital #justwharton #illustration #hyperbolicartchamber #sadbois #vaporart #supersmashbros #fzero #captainfalcon

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The art itself is forward thinking for vaporwave art due to its lack of photoshop usage. Everything is painted in such a way that it looks stylized while also feeling bold, it paints this sort of reality where everything seems to be positive but everything is at a detrimental negative much like Blade Runner. The fact that the artist is able to create this stylized world within this short timespan is pretty impressive to say the least and the fact that the artist doesn’t have a lean cup or something referencing Windows is also a big plus as well.

This guy definitely has talent and a wide variety of work as well… Some paintings show off some geometric skills he has while others are traditional art pieces that show that the artist is not just a one-trick pony. The subject matter is also wide as well, ranging from realistic subjects to some far out stuff… There is definitely a meaning in the art when you look at it, something that makes you feel and makes you think at the same time… and those 3 things really show how much possibility the artist has and exploits.

C H I L D H O O D (nostalgia) painting I finished in stream yesterday. #arcade #retro #vaporwave #melee #ssbm #sm4sh #nintendo #art #digital #justwharton #illustration #hyperbolicartchamber #sadbois #vaporart #supersmashbros

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There is very little to nitpick on, this artist clearly had years of art training and now he’s using it in order to unleash his inner passion; which is to create pieces of art that people can just look at and vibe to when they’re in the right mood. This artist is clearly the one to look out for in the future.

You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and you can find his art on his very own webpage! Make sure you give him the props he deserves.



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