Ambience is one of vaporwave’s number one qualities alongside false nostalgia and anti-corportatism. This may seem like another one of those ambient albums but the mood it presents makes it stand out from the crowd.

Imagine if you’re in a bedroom with evening including a TV and a game console. You just want to sit back and relax and pop in some music. Playing this album well transport you to that imaginative state, one where the urban environment is all around you but you just don’t care one bit. All you care about is playing your games and enjoying your life. This album doesn’t plunder you with urbanism, no it simulate’s life as if it were played from your VHS player.

The sounds presented are moody as well as detailed and crisp. You can definitely feel the intensity as well as the melody as the album plays throughout. The sound effects added in the background help to add to the ambiance as well as make the album feel complete and whole. You’ll feel a wife range of chilling emotions as you listen to this album, letting your mind roam free as well as appreciating the amount of work the artist put into the album.

Though the album may be short, the variety here is interesting. The artist packs in so many unique instruments that you’ll have a lot to take in. Making an ambient album is a lot of work, making a good ambient album takes skill and somehow the artist manages to effectively pull off what few artists can do. Make an ambient album with different sounds, different palettes and different vibes throughout.

In closing, this is a pretty good ambient vaporwave album. There’s a lot going for it but there could be more length to the album. Regardless, it is a success and the artist should be proud of that.


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