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In the world of vaporwave. Pepsi is the kind of all soft drinks and in vaporwave culture, it is called Bepis. Bepis is the inspiration for this artist’s work, a vaportrap piece that’s devoted to smooth life and dank depressions.

From the very first track, you can hear the dominant droning vibes that inflict your earbuds. The downtrodden sounds are reminiscent of VAPERROR or KAHN but they pound on a certain kind of darkness that hasn’t been heard in vaporwave; it almost feels like you live in sunshine-land yet you want to die. The bass and kicks are classic BLANK BANSHEE and they manage to lift the mood of many tracks throughout the album, creating a sort of ironic balance.

The atmosphere throughout the album is golden. There is a lot of space and a lot of gloss throughout the album, creating a neo-futuristic dystopian feel that while unintended, helps give the album bold dimensions never before possible. It really helps with the replay value since there’s a lot more to explore upon each listen; how he felt when he made this or how he managed to do that for example. The atmosphere may turn off some expecting a more traditional vaportrap experience but for the most part, it’s a world of it’s own.

Everything feels perfect when it comes to the mixing and mastering. The drums and sounds colide in ways that are not only amazing but awe-inspiring at the same time, there’s never anything that really breaks the illusion nor takes you out of the zone; there may be some unexpected twists but for the most part, this is solidly constructed. The artist should take pride in the fact that in a crowded vaportrap feel, he managed to separate itself from the pack.

The album is a vaportrap thrill junkie’s wet dream containing all the elements that make vaportrap what it is. Smooth environments, dank vibes, soft trap drums and a sense of both purpose and nonexistence. If you like vaportrap than well, this is for you.

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