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I’ll admit, when I first heard of “french tank vaporwave”. I was kind of weary but at the same time, excited to hear something new.  CHARフランスのタンク may seem like a newcomer to the scene but his sounds are fully developed and fully fleshed out and “Stonne'd” is almost like a fully executed realization of the artist’s concept of “french tank vaporwave”.

The feeling here is weird and disorienting but admittingly fresh and entrancing. It’s as if someone traveled back in time to the 40s and figured out a way to make vaporwave feel like a byproduct of that era. A lot of this will give you the false nostalgia of you living during the days of WWII where everybody was fighting it out and you just wanted to live your life; it’s due to that sense of aesthetic that the artist has given not only this product but possibly a new subgenre in the making.

Everything here is a wash of sounds; some filtered to death, some clear as a bell. Through its usage of horns and antique vintage samples, it provides a sonic palette that is more or less deserving of repeat listens, there is just so must to take in that you can’t get it in one single listen. It requires a certain amount of focus just to figure out what’s going on and once you take in everything that there is to take then you’ll realize that there is truly depth to this record that is seldom ever seen.

My only complaint is that the sounds can be to thick and overbearing at times but the artist’s insistence to go towards unexplored territory really helps the concept of the album and supports the sound for which the artist is going for, nobody has ever done a 1940s vaporwave album so to see this type of originality is nice. This artist has some nice things going for itself and if this album is proof then we’ll see great things in the future for the artist.

Rated 4.8/5


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