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Tokyo Wanderer may seem like a newcomer but the truth is, he’s been around for quite a while putting out a wide variety of albums, singles and EPs. This is one of those EPs and it’s an EP which promises you to take you to the funkiest parts of wherever your mind can take you, providing you many opportunities to dance your mind out despite it’s short timeframe and it’s conflicting aesthetic.

From the very first look at the packaging you’ll feel intimidated, maybe even scared but once you get past that, you’ll find a heaven of parliament-type funk which forms the basis for this EP. Every groove on here whether sampled or not is funky and vibrant making you feel like you’re walking on air without a care for the world; it gives you that certain kind of high that only the best futurefunk artists can replicate such as Saint Pepsi or 3D BLAST and it feels incredible. The artist clearly knows how to make the type of funk he makes as it sounds super bassy, super flangy and super expressive.

Every track has its own distinctive funk that makes every track stand out from the rest; whether it leans more towards the 80s type of funk or the Rick James type of funk, there’s a lot of variety to be had on this record and this variety will keep you coming back for more. I find it amazing that the artist is able to include tons of variety of funk and yet manage to make a record that’s consistent all the way through; it’s hard to explain but all the songs feel separate yet connected, as if he wanted the songs to have replay value but wanted the album to have artist merit as well. That’s pretty commendable, especially for a short futurefunk EP project and for that, he gets my respect.

In short, “Sleepless” is a good futurefunk EP designed for getting your but off the chair and grooving. The aesthetics may seem dank but once you get past that, you’ll find an EP that’s vibrant, plentiful and simply put, an amazing experience.

Rated 4.5/5


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