You ever imagined yourself driving down the streets of a nondescript big city at night, with the highbeams on and the wind flowing through your hair? Just riding around in your fancy convertible while you play smooth ambient city music? Well ChillBlitz’ “Late Nights” is bound to make your dreams into reality with it’s post-urban sounds flowing directly into your eardrums.

The sample choice is reminiscent of 80s electro rock-pop with tons of familiar choices that seem to connect well within each other. The samples give a sense of brevity to the album, making you feel like you’re at the edge of life; every track feels like an overcoming moment for the listener due to the balance of highs and lows, one time you’re down but the next you feel like Rocky making it up those stairs. It’s a motivational tape that doesn’t feel like one but does at the same time.

There’s no shortage of vibes and aesthetics as well, the sounds paint the picture of the city so vibrantly that you feel like you’re literally there, the mixing harkens back to old 80s cassettes where the sound is there but the mixing is more complacent and soulless but at the same time manages to feel lively. It’s lo-fi in the sense that the sound is crunched but it’s also hi-fi in that the chords are present and fully realized making it truly feel like a trip down the 80s.

Though it may be short. “Late Nights” is a truly good album about riding through the city without a care in the world, there’s just something about it that’ll appeal to people whether it’s the chords or the retroness or even the aesthetic of it all. ChillBlitz has really put his heart into making this album and selecting the samples and because of that, it’s a truly good album. You should probably go and listen to it right now.


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