If you’re one of the ones who dig deep down into the vaporwave culture then surely you know of creative_reality17, a vaportrap producer who manages to have a large discography and a consistent sound. “Interior Design” is an example of that with a sound that fits the moniker of vaportrap but is modern and abstract in it’s design.

The album is designed as a seamless album with 10 delicious vaportrap loops filling the package, each of them with their own distinctive style. The mood here can best be described as a mixture of poppy and downright dark stuff, every track seems to give off a sense of design and sophistication with pads and retro synths being very prominent; the amount of work that went into getting the uniqueness of each track right is to say the least, astonishing. Though there may be little to no variation in the tracks, the amount of detail put into the tracks will leave you satisfied; this is to put it shortly, an album of beauty.

There’s also emotion in the album as well. Within each track lies an emotion that supplements the natural beauty of the track, leading to a cohesiveness that is more than equal to it’s sums. Some tracks are upbeat while others are somber and reflective with a few that are really depressing and the way they’re balanced really gives a stable feeling to the album; ironic considering the uncertainty of the album. It’s that emotion that helps prop this album up to the highest points of vaportrap, up there with BLANK BANSHEE and VAPERROR.

The thing that prevents it from reaching the top is again, the lack of variety. While the beats are cool, they go on for 3 minutes which is fun if you’re listening for the first time but will leave you tired after listening for a number of times. Despite this, this is a good album; creative_reality17 shows why it is one of the top underdogs when it comes to vaportrap. This album has beats that flow, beats with emotion, beats with sophistication and it’s a well designed product that deserves your attention.


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