One of the defining aspects of classic-style vaporwave is that there’s a certain aesthetic to it… An aesthetic that screams fun vibes and fine living. Much of classic-style pertains around cities and futurism. This album however focuses on the futuristic car brand Saturn and the enjoyment that comes with driving that car off the lot and it does so in a way that stays faithful but brings a distinctive style never before seen.

A lot of the album feels like a car-advertisers dream with lots of sampled prog soft rock and R&B tunes populating the album; they are expertly picked in order to provide the feeling of being in a Saturn car whether it’s one of the older ones or one of the newer ones, if you were driving down the road in a Saturn car than this would definitely be it’s soundtrack. The lo-fidelity of this album brings back memories of INTERNET CLUB or other early classic-style acts, it really defines the aesthetic of the album and makes it not only look but feel like it could be from that era. There is no clarity to speak of which considering the vibes the album is going for is exceptional since it makes the album just plain work.

It does tend to be unoriginal at times but that’s mostly due to the limitations of the classic-style genre and of the concept itself. There are some tracks that manage to be unique and different but the album as a whole tends to be too consistent, as if this was all the artist could come up with. I would of liked to see a curveball thrown or some different types of genres used but for what it is, it’s good enough.

If you’re a fan of classic-style looking for even more albums to fill your collection than you will not disappointed with this release, it suits its purpose well enough and could be confused for an actual car’s soundtrack. It’s lack of originality holds it back but for what it is, it’s exceptional music for your Saturn driving nights.


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