The genre of “bubblegum trap” is most synonymous with artists like Lil’ Yachty but rarely do vaportrap artists even dare to step foot in the realm known as “bubblegum trap”. 2A03 Dreams is one of those brave souls who have managed to step foot and the result is an album called “CANDY!” that is a mix of vaportrap and bubblegum trap.

From the start, the album is filled with technical wonder as a blaring mixture of chiptune, plunderphonics and vaportrap carries the entire album. You can sense that 2A03 Dreams has skills mainly due to the competency and the frenetic energy provided on the tracks. Everything is succulent, in-your-face and to the point when it comes to the music; if there were an audio equivalent to candy than this would be it.

Yet the album is missing something, it’s got production but it seems like 2A03 Dreams doesn’t really have a grasp on the melodic side of things. Every track feels like a mishmash of saccharine sweets with over-the-top chopping that is often used too many times to substitute for the lack of depth in the music. While there are some interesting variations and instrumentation used, the album becomes overbearing upon a couple of listens which leaves you wishing the artist did more to make the album more substantial.

The mixing is muddy at best. While it does have some competency, elements are either way too distorted or way too soft or way too warm or you know… That balance might turn some people off from the album mainly due to its unevenness; if there was a way that it could be professionally mastered than maybe it might stand more of a chance but then there’s still the problem of the depth of music problem I talked about earlier.

Still… “CANDY!” is a good listen and a good attempt at bubblegum vaportrap; there’s elements that you’ll like and there’s elements you won’t like but if you’re looking for a product that’s so sweet that you’ll get 3 cavities just by listening to it than this album is for you.


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