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The deadly events of Columbine can never be forgotten. It was an event that forever reshaped politics and culture within the country. Who knows what the true motives behind the shootings are but wosX has taken the events and made it into an album called Columbine Nightmares which is both a critique on 90s culture and a look into the minds of the Columbine shooters.

Taking a lot of samples from 90s teen-pop songs/movies and commercials, wosX paints a picture of isolationism and sterileness and uses that in order to reflect upon the mindstate of which depressed 90s kids might of lived through. There is a lot of context within this album; every sample was carefully chosen in order to emplict an unintentional sense of violence and madness which slowly develops until it reaches its climax. Poppy songs that you remember are given new creepy context through its pitched down timber and the new context will make you think twice about what you were idolizing in the 90s.

If the corporate version of the 90s is what they want you to remember than “Columbine Nightmares” is the real version of the 90s. You get a sense that what the 90s was promoting was probably developing the manifesto for the Columbine shooters and I think the artist was spot on. This album touches on a lot of topics such as drugs being used for complacence purposes, media becoming super violent and apathy becoming the norm. This is the kind of statement that would normally get drowned out if everybody knew about it and trust me, this stuff is not for the faint of heart. There are no perfect relationships, there are no beautiful moments, this is the album telling the story of lonely people who would one day change history as we know it for unintentional reasons.

If you’re the kind of person who likes the 90s the way they are, this album is not for you. For those who want a challenge from the norm, this is for you. You’ll get a harsh taste of reality as you go through forced trends, apathetic people, violent media and soulless music. The music itself is good and the concept itself is amazing and is the reason why hardvapour exists. For musicians to take concepts like these without having to offend the wider vaporwave community; it’s not just music, it’s a reflection of the times.

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