The artist’s debut album was a french interpretation of vaporwave and it was good if not a bit faulty. “Leçons Non Apprises” is the second album from the artist and it is a noted improvement venturing far more into the depths of hardvapour than ever before.

The album is a mixture of dense sounds combined with french singing (sampled of course) and the result is a dreary post-apocalyptic sound that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Inspired by the sounds of World War II and french tanks, the artist paints a picture of doom and gloom with distorted sounds, purposeful use of mistiming and lots and lots of noise. The resulting combination shouldn’t be this good but it is; it’s like a pallette of many different flavors and colors, you get one portion of the picture here while you get another portion of the picture over there. There is no one interpretation as there are many depths to the picture; some obvious, some hidden. Regardless, the sonic texture that the album provides is safe to say, unique.

It’s frantic pace is also helped by the timing and music theory of the album. This almost feels like a vintage art movie where tensions are rising and you don’t really know what is happening, you got buildups, you got abrupt changes in tempo, you even got abrupt placement of samples. Nothing meshes exactly together but it works in a sense that makes you feel like you’re listening to something unique. It’s an odd balance but only an album of this caliber can pull it off.

This album is not for everybody though. Some might get turned off by the harsh sounds and abrupt elements but if you go into this expecting nothing than you’ll find yourself a pleasant surprise. It’s not traditional but it’s a creative exploration into the world which vaporwave often neglects and that should be given the highest commendation.


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