“Afterlife” is a classic-style album that follows in the likes of Vektroid and telepath but with an often calming feeling to it. It can be best described as being a part of the recent resurgence of classic-style albums in a genre that was overtaken by various other subgenres.

The mood here is often funky but downbeat at the same time. A lot of the songs are rearrangements of samples with 80s elements to them with minimal changes; the choice of samples (with few exceptions) is safe to say decent and the arrangement of the samples is often at times palatable and satisfying. With a strong focus on consistency, the artist paints a picture of a dystopic but utopic future that explores things like vice and relaxation and fun and just enjoying life altogether, all while managing to add more to the picture than required.

The album doesn’t stick in one direction, it ventures off into unexplored territory by sometimes ditching the theme and going for risque stuff that ultimately pays off. No one would dare to put a piano in a vaporwave album but for some reason it works and gives the album a form of depth it couldn’t obtain by itself. In fact I would go so far as to say that it helps the atmosphere of the album and helps bridge gaps in the story that would otherwise be unbridged.

While the album has its moments and is overall good, it’s main flaw is that it sounds similar and familiar. Not enough risk is taken in order to break up the feeling between songs and as a result, the album can be a drag to some people. Don’t get me wrong, the artist did a good job here but there is something more that could be done with the album in order to make it more than the equal of it’s sums. I don’t know what that thing is but I do know it’s missing.

Besides that, this album is good. It comes at a good time during the classic-era resurgence and it sounds good to boot. There are some flaws with this album but if you’re a fan of classic-style or just looking for some vaporwave to listen to, this is right up your alley.


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