When you take a glance at the vaporwave community, you can see a lot of humanity in it; a lot of emotion, a lot of self-awareness and a lot of reality. The vaporwave community is different than the rest of the other communities in that it’s more tight-knit and subversive. Compared to other communities which only focus on status and power, the vaporwave community comes very close to being human and real.

Though there’s a downside with being human and real in that there are a lot of flaws; flaws which often lead to turmoil and occasionally, drama. The vaporwave community is most prominent on Twitter where they feel free to express their sides whether snarky or self-reflective and on Twitter there is an account that could be described as a vaporwaver’s wet dream, lots has been said about him but it’s only the vaporwave community that feels connected to this account.

That account is the one and only @dril.

Unlike most comedians who focus on punchlines and metaphors, @dril’s account mostly consist of a unfiltered stream of thought backed by a personality that may seem broken to the naked eye but perfectly reflects the rigidity of which life is based on. Every word may not make sense but once you put yourself in @dril’s shoes than you’ll see what he is talking about.

Many of the tweets whether you like it or not reflect to any aspect of life that you may be living from the good side all the way to the “life sucks” side. To put it simply, he’s all over the place in his thinking and to many in the vaporwave community, that is a good thing.

The account’s persona is mysterious and mesmerizing to say the least. Reading as a mixture of an ordinary life combined with a very cocky attitude, I can see why the account would connect to the vaporwave community the way it has. @dril is the self-proclaimed loser in life who acts like a winner on drugs thus causing a lot of self-thought and reflectiveness to come out. He’s almost like an omnipresent spirit when it comes to the ethos and aesthetic of vaporwave.

Every tweet is unexpected in ways you’d never expect, it could be controversial, it could be random, it could be nonsense and yet it could appeal to anybody in the whole wide world. The part of it which most appeals to vaporwave people is that this isn’t somebody who’s trying very hard to appeal to people, this is literally his persona.

@dril is the embodiment of anybody who just doesn’t care but can’t seem to find a way out; their lives stuck in a continual loop trying to find purpose that doesn’t exist for them. Maybe that’s the reason why @dril is the most retweeted account in vaporwave, because the account is the embodiment of everybody.

The tweet above showcases the extraordinary and the mundane of @dril. The hope and dreams we’ve all had only to get dashed by reality’s harsh cold hands. I’ve known many vaporwave people who have been down on their luck; some of them make it through it, others just delete their bandcamp and disappear into the myst. The vaporwave community is constantly in flux with new people jumping in and some jumping out for reasons unknown and while it may be impossible for @dril to represent the embodiment of vaporwave, the account has done it.

Maybe there’s a part of @dril in all of us, maybe each @dril tweet represents some desire we can’t get or something we can never be. It’s dark yes but it’s the kind of darkness that just appeals to you with it’s realism and maybe @dril is life itself. Maybe @dril is vaporwave.


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