TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL is an artist that needs no introduction. Not only are they the owner of the Bogus Collective label but as a producer they’re a bona fide heavy hitter of the vaporwave scene with classic releases on a whole host of labels ranging from Junk Maker Sounds through to Sunset Grid. This latest offering is a reissue of the fantastic album “L o v e l i n e s” available on physical media for the first time through Pacific Plaza Records on 3″ Mini CD, packaged in a mini jewel case with alternate album art.

For those of you unfamiliar with “L o v e l i n e s” this release offers 9 cuts of joyously lo-fi broken transmission which conjure up images of classic teen movies that radiate analogue warmth. On this release TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL  channels youthful romance and naive joy through high school nostalgia with a cinematic sensibility that invokes your favourite Molly Ringwald classic rendered in wonderfully wonky VHS with it’s image and sound quality blunted and warped by overuse. An album intended to bring you back to a re-imagined past of California high school life in the 80s- the perfect soundtrack to teen shenanigans!

Limited to a run of 30 copies this album will drop on Saturday 29th September at noon PST.

And if listening to”L o v e l i n e s” leaves you hungry for more great vaporwave, TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL has been generous enough to share with us their top picks of 2018 (so far) along with some commentary on each release:

ATLAS.exe – Tropical Midi Selections – This album has definitely made it into the category of my all time favorites. Quality vaporwave right here. This one sets the bar pretty high.

HAWAII94 – Singles 2013-2016 – This collection of songs from HAWAII94 is simply perfect. Guaranteed to leave you in a dream state.

bakmahn – Downstream Integration – I’ve been enjoying this nice slice of officesoft so much. Its on constant rotation.

Beath – Dreams From Last Night – This album is an absolute delight to listen to. Modern synth funk at its finest.

Wiccapedia – ウィッカペディア – I’m a sucker for seapunk and we dont see too much of it anymore. This one is more on the mellow side combined with vaportrap, and its refreshing to hear.

ミスト M Y S T – 赤毛 – My favorite ミスト M Y S T album to date. He’s really perfected his vaporfunk sound. Stellar album. A+

NYSE – % – This album blew me away with its corporate dreamlike characteristics. It seems to have flown under the radar, but its a sleeping giant.

Terence – Almíbar – An album made with technique in mind and it shows. Very chill.

Epson – GOODEVENING – I really enjoy the diversity and well roundedness of this album. Its curated with care.

NPC : Clerk – easy jams – A brand new artist coming right out the gate with some great classic style vaporwave, and im totally hooked.

Be sure to stop past on Bandcamp and show these amazing artists and labels some love whilst you are at it!!


I am a writer, scholar and musician (in that order) and more than a little obsessed with vaporwave.

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