This will be a very tough news article for me to write but it has to be written.

When I first started this site, I had dreams of it becoming a vaporwave resource much like Sunbleach. But over the years, the mission has been forgotten in exchange for clickbait articles and low-quality efforts from me. With the recent introduction of “Private Suite Mag”, a magazine that has managed to do much better in terms of research, content and engagement than VapoUrban. I have began to feel a lack of interest in this site due to its perceived flaws.

To put it simply, I’m beginning to feel tired of running this site all over again. However, I’m not giving up on this site; at least not yet.

I have promoted Swankyork to administrator to help out with the site, which means he has the ability to create users on this site as well as keep it in tip-top shape… I’m looking for new editors, new administrators and more importantly, new writers. They can use this handy contact form to email us, just select “Jobs” from the drop down menu.

I’m also shifting this to focus more on emerging vaporwave artists and the underground vaporwave scene… “Private Suite Mag” and Sunbleach are doing such a good job with covering mainstream vaporwave that there’s no place for VapoUrban anymore and hence it’s time to shift focus.

There’s also going to be a site redesign. WordPress is radically redesigning their editor and the new theme will take advantage of several features introduced in the next major version of WordPress.

I don’t know if any of those things will help it’s reputation in the vaporwave scene but I do want VapoUrban to succeed and I do want VapoUrban to not only be a resource but to actually be of value to the vaporwave community. I am actually listening to what you have to say here.

Don’t forget to vote on which cassette we should give away.

Thank you for your interest in VapoUrban.


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