And next up on the News at 10, fresh developments in a 30 year old cold case. Some of you may still be old enough to remember the bizarre story of the Graysons who both disappeared mysteriously without a trace in the early 80s. First Jennifer Grayson vanished from a Los Angeles restaurant parking lot, followed only days by her husband Don, who was never heard from again… until now.

Earlier today our news desk received a mysterious package sent from one D. Grayson containing a letter and mini CD. It turns out that Don has been roaming the countryside all these years searching for his beloved since that fateful night out on the town that went so horribly wrong.

In his own words…

“I have been on the run since 1981. I was a choir boy growing up in WI. My father passed the family farm down to me. My wife and I wanted the big city lights. Her bright light was snuffed out  by a bunch of degenerate thugs. I am on the run, but also on the open road… looking.”

In a turn of events so strange that it could almost be the plot of an 80s action revenge thriller it turns out that Don is still hot on the trail of his wife’s abductors seeking the justice that authorities were unable to deliver.

And to make matters even weirder, the CD accompanying this letter contains a strange form of electronic music that kids nowadays are calling vaporwave. It seems that Don may have taken to music to deal with the grief of his loss. And whilst we haven’t been able to confirm these allegations our investigations indicate that the Canadian producer Incarta 95 may in fact be a pseudonym for Mr Grayson.

Don, if you’re watching this please know that everyone here on the news team is rooting for you. Good luck and Godspeed!

ON THE RUN by Incarta 95 featuring P A T H S and haircuts for men (with art by MothManLive) drops on Pacific Plaza Records this Friday, 14th December both digital and mini CD.



I am a writer, scholar and musician (in that order) and more than a little obsessed with vaporwave.

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