Girly Girl Musik and bluescreen have finally revealed the release date for the SIREN compilation which shall drop this week on Thursday, 31st December. The compilation features a diverse collection with tracks from both established names and up and coming artists alike. It is intended to showcase the amazing work of women, such as the wonderful s h e e p alongside their male peers, and has selected a theme which compliments this intention both conceptually and aesthetically. Just in case the name didn’t give it away, the theme here is the myth of the siren; a half bird and half woman creature from Greek mythology who lures sailors to destruction by the sweetness of her song. In keeping with this theme each of the 15 tracks featured are built around the aesthetics of female vocals that have been worked into a range of different styles, each offering a unique interpretation of the siren.

To help get everyone excited in preparation for Thursday, the generous bluescreen has kindly shared a provisional track listing to give a sneak preview of what SIREN has to offer:

1. Lostii – Intro
2. b l u e s c r e e n – Dangerous Women
3. Isaac Ascii – The R.I.R.
4. desert sand feels warm at night – distant voices
5. SCALASOFT SYSTEMS – テストシミュレーション
6. s h e e p – milkshakes on ganymede
7. Ninth Sign – We Will Meet Again
8. Pink Wasabi – tides
9. i n t e r q u i l t 愛が止ま – u r c h i n
10. ダンケ Vibes – Thought Shadows
11. Abi Acid – Siren Of The Oprea
12. The Experimental Gateway feat Nizzy Nick – ラスト・オー・ラブ lust or love
13. cosmetics – daylight
14. ΔCID.rar – вєηєαтн тнє ωανєѕ
15. Fae & Seffi – Los Peces en el Rio

This compilation is not only going to be amazing but it’s also extremely important because the proceeds of the Bandcamp sales will be donated to the Women’s and Children’s Alliance ( . The organisation, which is based in Boise Idaho, is dedicated to supporting women to escape and recover from situations involving domestic abuse and sexual assault. This organisation was chosen by Girly Girl Musik co-owners Fae Moonbeam and Seffi Starshine, who are both abuse survivors themselves, because, for obvious reasons, they feel passionately about making a contribution to welfare of women around the world.

As Fae explains:

“We really want to be able to support and assist any other women that have been unfortunate enough to suffer similar traumatic experiences. It’s something that we would never wish on anyone, and we’re very keen on doing whatever we possibly can to help women recover or escape from these traumatic situations”

Please keep an eye out for SIREN dropping on Girly Girl Musik ( on the 31st January.


I am a writer, scholar and musician (in that order) and more than a little obsessed with vaporwave.

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