The music of eccodroid stands out as unique alongside many of his vaporwave contemporaries as one of the first producers to pioneer a hybrid brand of hypnagogic pop which fuses hazy, nostalgic plunderphonics with traditional song structures featuring live vocals. His influence in this regard has been far reaching, as Vito, founder of DMT-FL, reflects:

I have been deeply inspired as an artist by eccodroid, choosing to contribute vocals to a few of my projects for the first time in years after hearing some of ecco[droid]’s amazing vocal work on emerging EPs.

The power of eccodroid’s hypnagogic pop being that, as Vito explains, it “reveal[s] that anybody armed with a microphone and even a relatively novice understanding of sound recording can be a singer or songwriter”. A revelation that filled the label owner come producer full of “future-oriented optimism”.

As far as the backstory of eccodroid is concerned, the Argentinian producer was first introduced to vaporwave through, what he describes as, “the meme popularity of Floral Shoppe”. An album which didn’t quite click with him at the time even though he admits that, at the time, he found the experience “pretty haunting”. It wasn’t until a year later that the genre started to resonate with him through the aesthetics which, in his words:

“were kinda seducing me even more and more since I’ve been always a fan of Japanese culture, Greek architecture and nostalgia. So I gave it a second chance by listening to I’ll Try Living Like This by DDS.wmv”

And even though that album inspired a deep love for the genre, he didn’t start producing until another year had passed and he was introduced to the music of Whitewoods. Discovering this artist prompted the realization that he could could sing over vaporwave without pitching his voice down. And so with this in mind, he created the alias ecodroid combining ecco- “because of the eccojams and Ecco the Dolphin” referencing his love to Sega Genesis, and -droid, “because a robot can’t sing about feelings, robots can’t feel but androids maybe do”. He released his debut album shortly after on Sunset Grid and has been prolific in his output ever since.

When asked what he felt to be his career highlight so far, eccodroid responded:

“Well, The Night Citizen is probably my most popular release, it was meant to be a full city pop album but since most of the samples were already used on future funk I decided to make a 4 track EP with the most obscure samples and the rest is history”

And that history continues till this day with the release of his latest album, Far Beyond Logic, set to drop on DMT-FL, 9 February. (cover art pictured bellow)

Vito describes Far Beyond Logic as a “very psychoactive-sounding album, with lyrical references to neurotransmission and pharmacology in tandem with songs featuring themes of sincere emotional debrief and unresolved desire.” A distinctly forward thinking release which foregrounds vaporwave’s psychedelic tendencies, creating a unique aesthetic that is exemplified by the lead single “Sun Dazed” and its suitably hallucinogenic video.

The concept of the album, as eccodroid explains it, “is about how love is something far beyond logic, beyond comprehension” and the album explores the ways “some people seek relief from the pain in substances that alter their perception of reality”. This theme is based on the producer’s own experiences in love, as he reflects:

“The theme of love comes directly from my personal experiences both lived and witnessed by me. After all these years, I realized that love is such a special and rare state of mind. And people who we thought loved us could  one day just stop. Love is about luck, sometimes love is about lust, Above all, love is pain”

The deeply personal nature of this contrasts interestingly with the artist’s decision to craft such a drug-soaked sound for the record because, as eccodroid admits, he’s never personally partaken in psychedelic drugs. Although, as he explains, “I like writing about how it is to be on drugs even without taking em. I feel music can be a drug by itself”. And that is reflected here in this powerful dose of surgical-grade musical high which eccodroid describes as “pure hypnagogic pop” inter-dispersed with “diverse moments where you can sense chillwave and synthpop. It also enters into the vaporwave 2 tag.”

Vito belueves this release to by amongst eccodroid’s best, exhibiting “some of the most alluring songmanship in all of ecco[droid]’s career” asserting that this album features “ the best production he’s ever achieved”. Proud to be releasing the album on his legendary DMT-FL label, which consistently brings diverse genre-pushing music to the fore of vaporwave, he regards Far Beyonf Logic “as a distinct slice of time in bedroom pop history”. An album which taps into the history of lo-fi aesthetics beginning with the emergence of chillwave which “gave us the first sense that fuzzy production and funky undertones”. Far Beyond Logic, as Vito sees it, connects this rich musical evolution to Vaporwave, which emerged out of the same  lush reverberant shimmers “to show us the potential of sample culture” embracing this hybridity to take the music to a new level.

And this connection between vaporwave and chillwave which Vito picked up is reflected directly in the sample choice which underpins the record, as eccodroid explains:

“For this album I decided to sample chillwave, so I knew from the start that this album was gonna be pretty hazy. I wanted this to be some sort of spiritual successor of [my album] Everlasting Memories and I think I managed to achieve this although this one is more about feelings than Everlasting Memories was”

And then of course, there’s the vaporwave 2 question which both Vito and eccodroid identify as a significant component of Far Beyond Logic but… what the hell is vaporwave 2 exactly?!!!

Vito describes it as an evolution of the vaporwave sound “that makes it sound bolder than ever”, however, eccodroid admits that it began with Dan Mason as a joke in Twitter which was inspired by despacito 2. That said, in true Vaporwave fashion, the irony of the original joke has transformed into a legitimate creative outlet, as eccodroid explains, “we [he and Dan Mason] kinda laughed a bit about that until we began to take it seriously as a popular trend”.

This evolution is intended to refine the traditional sound of vaporwave making more room for “a higher level of production” that is characterised by a “mix of chillwave’s danceable nostalgia and beach feelings with hypnagogic pop’s lo-fi psychedelic landscapes and vaporwave’s style of production”. A perfect label to describe the complexly layered sound and sophisticated dance-pop sensibilities on display here.

Don’t forget to check out eccodroid’s new album Far Beyond Logic when it drops on DMT-FL, this Saturday, 9 February.


I am a writer, scholar and musician (in that order) and more than a little obsessed with vaporwave.

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