Australian producer Δελφοί is set to release their debut album NAVI elite on DMT Tapes FL on June 30th. On this release Δελφοί serves up eight tracks of sample free vaporwave virtual utopian which serve as explorations of what he describes as historical inhomogeneity. A process of (mis) remembering which, rather than plunder or recreate the past as much vaporwave does, employs “an aesthetic process that allows fragments of various things to coalesce, and to coexist, as one single musical event or mood – even if the elements are chronologically incongruous”. 

The unique process uses a combination of raw synthesis and vintage presets to create original source material that serves to trigger aesthetic memories, moods and sensations. This source material once produced is then pulled back into the studio and “subjected to a variety of destructive and abusive processes” which breaks the material down, decaying, glitching and distorting until what is left resembles a degraded cultural residue. The result is a most postmodern shenanigans, the remembering of cultural memories synthetically implanted into the listeners subconscious made up of tesselated free floating signifiers uncoupled from any real history.     

The only sampled content featured on Navy elite are the (post) human voices of Japanese satellite navigation systems taken from product demos and field recordings made inside cars whilst travelling on freeways in Japan. These serve as an aesthetic anchor from which the central theme of motion is hung metaphorically guiding the listener through an exploration of movement, not as a journey but as an abstract sensation. A sensation which according Δελφοί simulates the way in which he experiences music “as virtual motion, or being propelled through a virtual ‘pseudospatial’ musical environment’”. Drilling deeper into the postmodern, this album juxtaposes the virtual-imaginary sensation of propulsion as aesthetic experience with the aural image of car travel cross-fading one into the other (and back again) merging the virtual-abstract and the actual-physical to create a third sensation that transcends the synesthetic straining towards the uncanny.    

And in doing so Δελφοί constructs a  supernatural narrative through the manipulation of voice sounds that edges the listener into a space that is “hyper artificial, uncanny, psychoactive, and paranormal”. Warnings of impending traffic hazards coupled with the fractured rendering of the audio of the voice reaching the listener from beyond the threshold of death. A voice transmogrified as it slips away, fading out towards terminal malfunction. 

If you like the way this sounds don’t forget to head over to DMT Tapes FL on June 30 to check the album out.


I am a writer, scholar and musician (in that order) and more than a little obsessed with vaporwave.

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