Recently, the future of was in question. There was a scare that it might be gone forever. Years of content and articles would have been lost, and the outcry from the community was heard loud and clear. The site was freely offered to anyone who was willing to take over the hosting and administration responsibilities, and in an effort to help maintain the history of the site and bring joy to the community, I stepped up to take this responsibility.

You may have seen me around on Twitter, which is primarily where I spend my time online. I am an IT professional and Vaporwave fan, so I have both the skills and passion to help maintain VapoUrban and actively take part in its community.

The site has been moved to a new host, and I am excited to help the hard-working VapoUrban staff grow the community. If you are interested in helping out as well, please join our Discord at We are currently running a giveaway contest in the #giveaways channel for three valyri tapes, which ends December 3rd.

I look forward to seeing you around out there!

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