Q. What is VapoUrban?

A. VapoUrban (Pronounced Va·Po·Ur·Ban) is a vaporwave magazine/blog started in August 2016 to cover the world of vaporwave from the art to the culture and the music. While small, the site strives to cover everything and anything pertaining to vaporwave including its subgenres.

Q. What’s vaporwave?

A. Vaporwave is a constantly evolving musical genre defined by feelings of nostalgia, corporatism, depression, vice and emotion. It doesn’t have one specific sound; has multiple subgenres and a community that spreads far and wide.

Q. What do you do exactly?

A. Report on the news, review music, shine a spotlight on people deserving it and make the world of vaporwave accessible to a person who has never heard of vaporwave.

Q. Why vaporwave?

A. Because it’s a genre that can be anything. It can be depressing, it can be corporate, it can be different and it can be far out there. There’s so much from vaporwave that people don’t know about or take for granted; vaporwave is more than a perceived “joke genre”.

Q. I see there’s very few vaporwave blogs out there, why are you even doing this?

A. Because there needs to be a resource for vaporwave. Scratch that, there needs to be more resources for vaporwave in general. We can’t have 3-4 sites (including mine) being resources; vaporwave is a cultural movement that has so much going on yet so little people are covering it. That is why I’m doing this.

Q. I have a song I want featured/I want to be interviewed/I have an album I want you guys to review/I want to write for VapoUrban; how do I go about it?

A. We have a contact page that allows you to contact the owner, the editors, the writers and additionally submit songs and jobs applications. Just write your best sales pitch and we’ll consider it. Do not contact us through Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, we will not read it; we will only read emails.

Q. Is there any way I can get something taken down from the site?

A. We can’t take down reviews of your work, posts critical to you, posts that mention your name or spotlight pieces. However, if you are a community member and feel the need to have your name removed from comments and posts pertaining to the community, feel free to contact us and we’ll honor it on a case by case basis; if you’re also an artist, please don’t request to take down reviews/mentions/spotlight pieces, we will not honor it.

Q. I’ve noticed that X is a label owner or an artist, doesn’t that create bias?

A. VapoUrban strives to be as fair as possible when it comes to content. While it’s unfortunate that many vaporwave fans are label owners and artists, these people have listened to the works they’ve released and stand by their own word; however VapoUrban prohibits reviews of albums by artists who are also writers, in addition VapoUrban also makes sure that pieces written by label owners don’t come across as subtle advertisements. We take great care to ensure a positive experience for the readers and the writers/editors.

Q. I’m new to the community, what is acceptable and what is not?

A. Positive contributions, helpful advice and good vibes are accepted; you can swear but it’ll be censored due to Google’s AdSense guidelines. What is not acceptable is anything that causes detriment to the community; spam/abuse/hate speech/fighting will not be tolerated, as will actions that may compromise paying donors whose money helps support the site alongside the ads.

Q. What if I’m a paying donor and I get banned for some reason? What are my options?

A. Well if you contact us through the contact form, something may be worked out but your options may be limited depending on the factors.

(If you got any more questions, feel free to ask them through the contact form.)